Activities at HYMB

All activities at HYMB are suitable for all participants, from ages 8 upwards.

We work in group sizes of up to 10 participants per instructor, unless your group has any special needs or requirements where we may lower this safety ratio to accomodate their needs. We aim to be 100% inclusive to ensure that everyone is able to take part. Please see our accessibility pages for more information.

Our minimum recommended session time is 1.5 hours for each activity. We are very experienced in putting together activity programmes that will suit your group's needs and budget.

All participants must bring a complete change of clothes, towel and spare shoes, no matter which activity they take part in, just in case!

Adventure Games and Problem Solving

These activities involve short challenging exercises that are thought provoking and require team work and communication skills to successfully plan, do, evaluate and complete the challenge. These sessions are ideal for induction days or to bond a group of individuals.


Develop hand eye coordination as well as mental maths skills whilst doing archery. Groups will learn the basics of the point of aim method of archery, whilst developing coordination skills and improving their technique to score the highest points.

Bell Boating

A bell boat is a catamaran that is paddled by up to 10 participants. Bell boating is an ideal safe introduction to water activities, providing the challenge of working as a team to get the boats going in a straight line, as fast as possible. They are also a good stable platform for team/trust exercises, with a difference.

Bush Craft

This session aims to teach individuals basic survival techniques. The sessions focus on fire lighting, shelter building or backwoods cooking.


Participants, in pairs, will use open canoes to explore our lake. This session aims to develop both canoeing skills, like balance and strength, as well as communication and teamwork skills.


At HYMB we have our own outdoor artificial wall. Groups will learn the basics of climbing and the trust and team work involved.


In our own artificial, but very realistic cave, experience the thrills of underground exploration. Groups will learn about the laying down of limestone, fossils and formations, and individuals can challenge themselves to attempt the cave’s chambers, tunnels and squeezes.


Fencing is an art form, an ancient symbol of power and glory, and a deeply personal, individual form of expression. Fencing is a sport that requires stamina and endurance. 


Kayaking, unlike canoeing, is one person per boat. In this session the group will explore the lake and learn how to control the kayaks. We can include team building elements and educational subjects within these, including environmental and river studies.


The group will learn how to read a map and follow a course. Orienteering skills will be developed through a range of fun activities. We can also introduce competition elements to this.

Raft Building

In teams of 6 to 10, groups will work together to design and build a raft out of barrels and logs. Once the raft is built, groups will paddle it around a course or race the other groups. This activity is brilliant for team bonding, communication and trust. We can also include educational elements such as science and maths.

Stand Up Paddleboarding

This is one of the fastest growing adventurous water sports. Develop skills and balance to have fun paddling your board. This is a fun but wet activity that will improve your balance, fitness and water confidence very quickly.


During an introductory session participants will learn the basics of sailing, how to rig, steer and use the sails for power. They will then sail the boats around the buoys set on a reaching course. During taster sessions participants will use stable boats to enable them to learn the required skills, whilst working together as a team.